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Welcome to the Singer Sewing Machine Manual website! For manuals, click the ‘Manual’s page. Below, a brief history of sewing, and the legendary Singer Sewing Machine company.

Prior to the sewing machine, hand sewing was the only available option. For thousands of years, earlier generations used sewing needles often made of animal bones. The first thread was made of animal sinew. It wasn’t until around the year 1420 when iron needles were available, and eyed needles made their debut about a hundred years later. Finally, in 1790 a patent was issued for a complete sewing machine – this patent was issued to an English inventor by the name of Thomas Saint. However, no machine was ever made from this patent and during that time period, countless other claims to patents and even functional machines (however, they would later stop working and prove to be unreliable) were released, yet it wasn’t until a machine by Barthelemy Thimonnier that the world had its first truly functioning and reliable sewing machine.

As the market for sewing machines was finally beginning to pick up, the battle for dominance was between two inventors, Issac Singer and Elias Howe, both of whom created good machines. The Singer model was powered by a foot treadle whereas Mr. Howe’s was based on the popular hand-crank power. This was an obvious advantage to those who desired their hands to be free. Singer later had to settle a dispute as Mr. Howe claimed the Singer machine used the same lockstitch that Howe had received a patent for. Because of this, Singer was forced to pay royalties, and both became quite rich once the Singer machine became immensely popular.

Today, Singer machines are synonymous with sewing, in fact, Singer is one of the most globally recognized business names. These machines can be found in every corner of the globe and have played their part in creating entire industries, hobbies, and thus have helped to develop economies. Singer is over 160 years old and has developed machines for home, business, and industrial use. Singer is credited with many innovations including the first electronic machines, zig-zag machines, Today, Singer continues to produce sewing machines and has progressed into Embroidery as well, a natural progression.

With over 160 years of producing sewing machines, Singer has amassed millions of customers, and with that these machines will need servicing or tweaks. A manual for each machine is a great resource to have. This website, Singer Sewing Machine Manual is a great resource to find Singer Sewing Machine Manuals and also ask others for uploads, and general help if an issue arises. We pride ourselves on being free and a quick, easy, resource on all Singer Machines.

Some Singer Sewing Machine Manuals will date from decades ago, therefore, some of the manuals are provided for nostalgic purposes – as some of the Singer Sewing machines are now quite valuable.

Singer now has plenty of competition, other sewing machine manufactures have also been popular such as American, Bradbury, Davis, Domestic, Jones, and Sears lines, to name a few.

Despite the other brands, we concentrate on the Singer Sewing Machine Manuals for now. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your machines, or feel free to post a comment, many others will often be glad to help you.

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